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3D model supermarket chest freezer Figure 1 shows a principal-agent relationship among commercial banks, core enterprises, and financing enterprises as well as between logistics, core, and financing enterprises. The China Electronics News Agency shows the following data. As for the methods, many existing studies use logistic regression or principal component analysis to study the credit risk of supply chain finance, which is difficult to carry out in reality due to the unavailability of data. According to relevant statistics, in 2017, China’s household appliance industry grew rapidly, and its output value reached 1.70 billion yuan, an increase of 9.8% over the same period of the previous year (data from Zhongyikang Data). As of the end of 2017, there were 67 listed companies in China’s home appliance industry, of which 20 were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and 47 on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. However, by the end of the policy, the consumption of household appliances fell sharply. However, most of the literature studies have analyzed supply chain financial risks from the perspective of individual institutions, such as companies, banks, financial institutions, or the like. Instead, it is pertinent to understand and analyze the financial risks from the industrial perspective since the cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain frequently occurs in the same industry.

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Logistics companies may also collude with companies in the supply chain to conceal warehousing and logistics information. The advantaged parties can gain benefits in the market by communicating reliable information with those having less information-the poorly performing party in the transaction will try to obtain the information they need from the other party. Content of information. Relatively speaking, the information-dominant party is in a favorable position, and the information-disadvantaged party is in a weaker position. Each party has different amounts. A company’s reputation can effectively be gauged by looking at its Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile or taking the time to read customer and professional reviews online. Home warranty direct reviews. Warranty companies provide this appliance insurance because they know that you will not actually need to use it in most cases. In addition, the Platinum Care plan can make quite a bit of sense as it is just a few dollars more but will cover all the home systems as well. From the perspectives of profitability, debt repayment, operation, and development capabilities, the home appliance industry is developing well in SCF. With the rapid development and growth of the Internet and online shopping consumer groups in China, the number of online sales of household appliances has increased.

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The major home appliance companies have also established their own online sales channels. These new sales channels ushered in a new round of sales growth in the home appliance industry with online shopping fast becoming the most promising market. The correlation degree is greater than 0.7, indicating that the economic growth of Fujian Province is highly dependent on energy consumption. This study adopts the grey correlation analysis model to overcome the uncertainty of information required in the risk assessment in the traditional methods. Research and analysis of the SCF model indicate how it organically combines upstream and downstream enterprises through the supply chain to form a whole. In the supply chain, both financing and core enterprises are likely to conceal their operating conditions, financial information, and management information, resulting in information asymmetry. If you aren’t enjoying the process, mistakes are more likely. Even the very best home appliance policies will have things that aren’t covered. Some policies will cover the diagnosis, repair, and replacement of appliances up to a specified limit. Just because the company offers policies in your area doesn’t mean they have a great network of qualified technicians. The principal-agent relationship originates from the existence of “specialization.” The “grantor” acts as the “principal,” and the “authorized person” acts as the “agent.” Professional agents have a comparative advantage over principals.

Real estate agents may use it as a perk to increase the value. When you want to clean out the inside of all your cabinetry, use a vacuum on the interior first. The credit risk of SCF is evident when commercial banks and upstream and downstream enterprises carry out financing activities. Conversely, when the financing company obtains financing, if the relevant information is concealed to the commercial bank in the production and operation process, the account is inconsistent, and the credit risk of the commercial bank is increased, which generates a moral hazard. According to the theory of information economics, information asymmetry is divided into an adverse selection and a moral hazard. It is generally recognized in academic circles that system theory was founded by L.V. System theory is one of the components of the three extant theories (system theory, information theory, and cybernetics). In the 1970s, three economists, George Akerlof, Michael Spence, and Joseph Stiglitz, proposed the theory of information asymmetry. The analysis of the SCF theory. Grey system theory can partially mitigate the lack of, or fuzzy, information due to information asymmetry; thus, it is more accurate to analyze the credit risk of SCF by using the grey relation model, and the analysis results are more significant for referencing.

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